Staff Bios

Lynne Bolitho, owner and director of Marquette Center for Dance, is certified by both performance and oral examinations to teach ballet and has a Master’s degree in Education.  She is a member of the Cecchetti Council of America, which is dedicated to raising the quality of ballet training and teaching through its training and strict certification requirements for teachers.  Teachers can become members only after thorough study and examination.  During much of her training, Mrs. Bolitho danced on scholarships and has trained in the Cecchetti, Russian, French, and Bournonville styles of ballet. Through auditions, she was invited to join the Royal Ballet of England.  She has studied with such notables as Maestro Del Oro and Margaret Marsh, both of whom were students of Enrico Cecchetti.  She has continued to study with prominent dance professionals from major dance companies through intensive seminars.  Ballet has been a passion for Mrs. Bolitho for her entire life. She counts herself as very fortunate to have taught and been able to pass on the love and the art of ballet to thousands of students, many of whom have been successful in pursuing their interests in dance.