Marquette’s premier dance education and training school since 1981

Dance can open many new horizons for each person. Students develop poise, grace, the knowledge of good music, the confidence to appear before groups, and self-discipline that will be beneficial throughout life. Whether you’re interested in dance to develop poise, for physical conditioning to develop a beautiful and healthy body, to become a professional dancer, or just for fun; correct training, such as that provided at MCD, is essential.

At MCD graded syllabi are used and classes are carefully planned as to the degree of difficulty and for the age and physical development of the students at all levels. Classes are small enough to provide individual attention to assure the proper progress and development of each student.

Separate classes are available for all ages. Students are placed according to advancement, except Baby and Pre-Ballet students who are placed according to age. Children must be at least three years old by December 1 to enroll in the fall.